ZRT Laboratory

Since the beginning, ZRT has maintained a singular focus: helping people get and stay healthy.With 20 years of experience and results from over 8 million tests, ZRT Laboratory is a recognized leader in innovative and meaningful hormone, neurotransmitter and elements testing. Individuals, health care providers in all 50 states and 90 countries, and research teams worldwide use our tests, including the CDC, the NIH and many renowned universities.ZRT is the recognized leader in saliva and dried blood spot testing for hormones, and holds the distinction of being the lab that developed dried urine testing for hormones.ZRT was founded and is led by David Zava, PhD, a renown expert in hormones and breast cancer. He is an author, researcher and frequent lecturer at industry events.Learn more about the role of hormones, neurotransmitters and elements in our health at https://www.zrtlab.com/blog/.
ZRT Laboratory contact details
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hospital & health care
8605 SW Creekside Place,Beaverton,OR,US

ZRT Laboratory Management & Employee Directory

treasure porth
treasure porth
Front End Dev at Lumen Learning
jeff jarrett
jeff jarrett
VP of Operations at ZRT Laboratory
marta altree
marta altree
Senior Director of Customer Success at OpenSesame
miles atherly
miles atherly
Systems Engineering Lead at LeoStella

ZRT Laboratory Competitors

Genova Diagnostics
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SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc.
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AllMed Healthcare Management
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hospital & health care

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