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More than one billion - 75% of the world’s professionals available.

ContactOut is used by recruiters at 30% of the Fortune 500 companies

Two times better than LinkedIn

People are twice as likely to respond to their email compared to LinkedIn messages and reply in up to 85% less time.
Making the decision to license the product was an easy decision after a trial, which led to a successfully recruited client. ContactOut has tripled the yield to our InMail strategy traditionally exclusively on LinkedIn, which isn’t delivering us ROI anymore. Great product!
Ryan Brogan
HR manager, Twenty-First Century Fox

World’s best recruiting intelligence

Our AI engine is able to find emails for 75% of the western world – 3.75 times more than any competitor.
Searching for 10,000 Engineering, Sales & Finance professionals in the US & UK.
ContactOut is a game-changing extension. I would strongly recommend this for anyone in sales/recruitment. It is the most accurate email finding tool I've used.
Jared Saks
IT Manager, iHeartMedia

One billion email addresses & counting

Our AI search engine has the highest find rate across all industries and countries. Emails are triple verified, with 99% accuracy.
emails with 99% accuracy
ContactOut has the highest return rates of accurate emails. Having the ability to directly message our potential candidates increased our response rates significantly, and we’ve reclaimed 390+ man-hours per annum, we’d highly recommend it to other firms.
Katherine Jensen
HR manager, Twenty-First Century Fox

Outreach CRM

Find emails on Linkedin and Github. Save profiles. Send email campaigns.
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Access one billion emails. Search engine powered by Artificial Intelligence.
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Our data is compliant with GDPR and USA privacy laws.
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