Wausau Paper

Wausau Paper offers a comprehensive line of premium and 100% recycled products and controlled-use dispensing systems for the away-from-home market. In common with our industry as a whole, Wausau Paper Corp. has continued to evolve since our beginnings in 1899. Currently headquartered in Mosinee, Wisconsin, our legacy and our future are embedded in our mission to be the leading provider of environmentally sensitive paper-based brands and solutions to the markets we serve. We continue to draw upon many proud, successful and forward-looking initiatives to guide our future. Wausau Paper Corp. today reflects a concerted strategic review conducted in 2012 that resulted in our decision to focus future efforts and capital investments in the growth of our highly profitable towel and tissue business. The largest capital investment in our Company’s long history, completed in late 2012, anchors this new tack and sets the trajectory for significant growth. A history of innovation is the hallmark o...
Wausau Paper contact details
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paper & forest products
100 Paper Place,Mosinee,Wisconsin,United States

Wausau Paper Management & Employee Directory

mike knetter
mike knetter
President and CEO at University of Wisconsin Foundation
brian powers
brian powers
President at Powers Paper LLC
christine reinhart
christine reinhart
National Business Manager at Lindt & Sprüngli
d michael wilson
d michael wilson
Chief Executive Officer at Prince International Corporation
brian hasser
brian hasser
Director of Procurement & Supply Chain at Green Bay Packaging-Coated Division

Wausau Paper Competitors

consumer goods
Verso Corporation
paper & forest products
Georgia-Pacific LLC
paper & forest products
Finch Paper
paper & forest products

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