DP Architects

DP Architects was established in 1967 as an architecture practice which creates architecture of excellence that enriches the human experience and spirit. We have a spectrum of services across a comprehensive global network comprising 1,300 professionals in 16 international offices and 8 associated specialist consultancies that include the following:DP ConsultantsDP DesignDP EngineersDP FaçadeDP GreenDP LightingDP Sustainable Design DP XperienceOur designs put people at the core of every aspect of our work. We pay close attention to understand the needs of the person inhabiting an environment with the idea of live-ability and purpose at the centre. With diversified talents and capabilities, and an interdisciplinary approach, we provide our clients with a large breadth of specialist knowledge in architecture’s various disciplines to create holistic design solutions. We believe in collective and concerted effort. Our ability to listen and harness the strength of partnerships – with its pe...
DP Architects contact details
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architecture & planning
6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-249 Marina Square,Singapore,Singapore,SG

DP Architects Management & Employee Directory

dylan t
dylan t
Looking for management opportunities in Infrastructure Operations and / Cybersecurity or data protection officer role. 寻找IT基础设施运管,设计 / 科技保安防护和数据加密隐私管理的机会。
frven lim
frven lim
Director of #DPArchitects London. Designed and directly overseen >11,000 #homes, and a total of >1.3 milliom square meters of real estate (inclusive of almost all building typologies).
tan kian teck
tan kian teck
Director at Freight Architects
hoang thai
hoang thai
Senior Designer / Project Architect at Aedas
alessandro cesana
alessandro cesana
Strategic Planner at M Moser Associates

DP Architects Competitors

architecture & planning
architecture & planning
architecture & planning
RSP Architects
architecture & planning
SAMOO Architects & Engineers
architecture & planning

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