Clow Valve Company

Clow Valve Company is a manufacturer of waterworks valves and fire hydrants located in Oskaloosa, Iowa and Corona, CA. Clow Valve Company’s roots date back to 1878. Then known as James B. Clow & Sons, the company was a jobber of wrought iron pipe and other foundry products. In 1890, Clow added fire hydrants and waterworks valves to its line by becoming a distributor for the Eddy Valve Company of Waterford, N.Y. In the 1940s, Clow purchased the Eddy Valve Company and the Iowa Valve Company of Oskaloosa, Iowa. The combination of these two companies enabled Clow to become national in scope, making further expansion possible. In 1972, Rich Manufacturing Company of Corona, Calif., was acquired. This added the wet barrel fire hydrant to Clow’s already significant product line of waterworks products. In 1985, McWane, Inc. purchased all of Clow Corporation’s stock, and Clow became a wholly owned subsidiary. In 1996, the Waterworks Division of Long Beach Iron Works was acquired by Clow, addi...
Clow Valve Company contact details
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902 South 2nd St,Oskaloosa,IA,US

Clow Valve Company Management & Employee Directory

chuck ives
chuck ives
Strong leader and performer who delivers exceptional results.
brett johnson
brett johnson
Sales Professional
maureen kamphaus
maureen kamphaus
Safety Manager at ADM
rick walston
rick walston
--Solution professional for the Waterworks Industry @L/B Water Service,Inc.

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