Worth Search

A lot of our searches are done via LinkedIn. From there, we use ContactOut to retrieve the individual’s email address and create a personalized email to send to them.
Nolan Greenberg
Founder & CEO of Worth Search

Worth Search

Worth Search was founded by Nolan Greenberg in 2019 and is a recruitment agency that places hundreds of candidates from junior employees to C-Suite. Currently, Worth Search is made up of fifteen employees that specialize in “recruiting top talent for best in class employers.” Greenberg mentions that tech companies come to Worth Search with their hiring needs, and all the positions they fill are full time roles.


  • Making contact with top qualified individuals in a timely manner to fill open positions
  • The Worth Search team using ContactOut’s Chrome extension while scraping for qualified candidates on LinkedIn.
  • 90% of the time ContactOut has been able to produce an accurate email address that is then used to make initial contact with a prospect.


We sat down with Nolan Greenberg to see what his day to day is like as the founder and CEO of Worth Search. His role truly varies. Nolan works on candidate searches ranging from engineering, product, operations, human resources, and sales. He also helps build Worth Search’s internal processes. A trend Nolan has noticed is that the response rate for LinkedIn messages has gone down when it comes to candidates in the engineering field, which has led to him and his team relying on ContactOut even more.

I was suggested ContactOut by someone who runs a similar business and they tried multiple tools. They found ContactOut to be the right fit.
Nolan Greenberg
Founder & CEO of Worth Search


For Worth Search, ContactOut has always been the solution to their scraping challenges. It is a staple in their process. Clients come to Worth Search seeking assistance in filling a position. Worth Search finds top qualified candidates via LinkedIn and then uses the ContactOut Chrome extension to retrieve that candidate's personal contact information. From there, the Worth Search team creates a personalized email to send that candidate. This is a quick and effective process for the Worth Search team, which leads them to successful placements and happy clients.
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I found an email address and engaged with a candidate that has been our largest placement to date. I got a same day response in less than two hours.
Nolan Greenberg
Founder & CEO of Worth Search


Nolan agrees that there is no tool out there that is 100% effective, but ContactOut definitely comes close. Every recruiter on the Worth Search team has ContactOut. For Nolan and his team, ContactOut has been highly effective. They have renewed their licenses with ContactOut multiple times. About the support they get from the ContactOut team, Nolan says, “the team is helpful and takes time with its members for tutorials.”

A tool doesn’t need to have a bunch of bells and whistles to be effective.
Nolan Greenberg
Founder & CEO of Worth Search

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