National Integrated Industries Complex

National Integrated Industries Complex (NIIC) was established in 2008 with an initial investment that reached 200 million dollars, and built on an area of 200 thousand square meters located at Al-Muwaqqar. The complex consists of 5 factories including Refrigerators factory, Washing Machines factory, Air Conditions factory, Plastic factory and Polyester factory in addition to the warehouses. When the company has exhibited promising growth in the market, it had attracted a number of key Middle East investors to partner with the company to join its success and support its growth. The key partners with NIIC are National Holding company (UAE) and Baniyas Investment and Development company (UAE). The factories are fully equipped with state of the art technologies which were specially imported from Korea, Japan and Germany to be able to reach a 95% of the manufacturing of its products locally, and penetrate Middle East and North Africa markets. NIIC has provided plenty of career opportun...
National Integrated Industries Complex contact details
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electrical & electronic manufacturing

National Integrated Industries Complex Management & Employee Directory

felix moral
felix moral
Chief Executive Officer at Rise International (A National Holding Company)
ragheed shanti cdir
ragheed shanti cdir
Senior Advisor to the Board of National Holding
anas al-asmar
anas al-asmar
Technical Manager at Eco Engineering and Energy Solutions (EcoSol) / Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy / Trainer /
motaz al ashqar
motaz al ashqar
Financial Manager at Tri Spectrum Inc

National Integrated Industries Complex Competitors

Nassim Dada & partners co.
consumer electronics
LG New Vision
electrical & electronic manufacturing
Smart Line Technologies
security & investigations

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