Nassim Dada & partners co.

Nassim Dada & Partner Co. is considered as one of the major producers & importers of consumer appliances in Jordan. Partnering with Arcelik A.S; Turkish owner of the brand BEKO for to assemble washing machines in Qastal factory , as well as importing all other company’s products that are manufactured in the largest company’s factories in Turkey , Furthermore, Nassim Dada & partner Co is an agent for Elba; one of the most important Italian cooking companies, with the Freestanding Gas & electric ovens line ups, Built in Gas & electric ovens & Hoods, It’s also the owner of SONA brand which is a major player in small kitchen appliances & devices seasonal summer and winter products. The company was established in 1991,& maintains since the early start , the highest quality control over its globally imported products to date . which enabled the company to gain a strong position in the Jordanian market
Nassim Dada & partners co. contact details
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consumer electronics
Amman Jordan,Amman,Jordan

Nassim Dada & partners co. Management & Employee Directory

mohammad al-attal
mohammad al-attal
Procurement & Logistics Manager at DADA group . ( BEKO , ELBA , DELONGHI,SKYWORTH &SONA)
ahmad alweshah
ahmad alweshah
Senior Social Media Officer في DADA GROUP
ayman al-jarrah
ayman al-jarrah
mohammad al tawalbeh
mohammad al tawalbeh
Sales Manager at Habnnakeh group
mamdouh homsi
mamdouh homsi
Chief Accounting Officer at Information and Research Center - King Hussein Foundation

Nassim Dada & partners co. Competitors

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Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
National Integrated Industries Complex
electrical & electronic manufacturing
Middle East Complex PLC
Industrial Automation
Union Marketing Group
Food & Beverages

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