Momenta Pharmaceuticals

Momenta is a biotechnology company with a validated innovative scientific platform focused on discovering and developing novel therapeutics to treat rare, immune-mediated diseases. Our scientific foundation is based on a deep understanding of immune biology and disease analytics. This work, together with our protein engineering and antibody design expertise has led to the development of a number of novel therapeutics for immune-mediated diseases with high unmet need. Momenta’s 15 year heritage of protein engineering, analytics and regulatory approvals has also yielded a number of complex generics and biosimilar products currently in development.
Momenta Pharmaceuticals contact details
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Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Momenta Pharmaceuticals Management & Employee Directory

sudhir kandagatla
sudhir kandagatla
Oracle Certified Fusion ERP Cloud Functional Consultant
nidhi bhattacharyya
nidhi bhattacharyya
Cardiovascular Medical Science Liaison, Post Doctoral Fellow: US/Global Cardiovascular Medical Affairs/Medical Strategy
tony martignetti
tony martignetti
Chief Inspiration Officer | Trusted Leadership Advisor | Career Navigator | The Virtual Campfire Podcast Host | Author
candida fratazzi
candida fratazzi
Rare Disease and Immunology Expert_ Advisor Early-Stage Companies

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