Magellan S.A.

Magellan is a leader on the financial services market of the health protection sector. It is most dynamically developing stock exchange company specializing in providing financing to medical sector. It ensures hospitals an access to current financing and supports financial solvency of the medical market suppliers. It finances the development of its Clients, provides advising and responds flexibly to the changing legal environment and situation of health service. It also ensures safety of business trading. Magellan takes advantage of its expert knowledge to determine new trends in financing of health protection sector. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Magellan to lider rynku usług finansowych sektora ochrony zdrowia. Jesteśmy najważniejszym partnerem dla szpitali i dostawców artykułów i usług medycznych w zakresie finansowania ich bieżącej działalności. Łączymy wiedzę i doświadczenie na rynku medycznym, aby tworzyć...
Magellan S.A. contact details
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Financial Services
Al. Piłsudskiego 76,Łódź,Łódzkie,PL

Magellan S.A. Management & Employee Directory

carlos gomez
carlos gomez
Senior Sales Manager, Spain at Finleap Connect
norbert maziarz
norbert maziarz
Software developer
jean-charles gall
jean-charles gall
Sales Business Development at OPAL-RT Intelligent Transport Systems
david guitarte
david guitarte
Director comercial en Alf Washington S.L.

Magellan S.A. Competitors

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hospital & health care
Casus Finanse Sp. z o.o.
financial services
financial services
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