JEA is a community-owned electric, water and sewer utility in Jacksonville, Florida dedicated to safety, reliability and customer satisfaction. We serve 485,000 electric, 351,000 water and 274,000 sewer customers in our 913 square mile service territory that includes all of Duval and Nassau counties and parts of St. Johns and Clay counties. Our diverse generating fleet includes a full range of solid fuel and natural gas technologies, as well as 36 water treatment plants, 11 wastewater treatment plants and 11 reclaimed water production facilities.Also join us at NewsFromJEA on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for energy and water conservation tips, interesting company/community events, timely outage information, and much more. you ready to take your career in a new direction? JEA offers employees well-paying, professionally rewarding career opportunities; we also offer training, a...
JEA contact details
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21 W. Church Street,Jacksonville,FL,US

JEA Management & Employee Directory

ibrahim tos
ibrahim tos
Software Developer at Thycotic
chris belford
chris belford
Chief Executive Officer at JEA SENIOR LIVING
cesar ramos
cesar ramos
Regional Branch Manager at EcoShift Corporation
sandra dias
sandra dias
Production Shift Team Lead na Angola LNG
melissa fulmore hardwick
melissa fulmore hardwick
IT Vice President | Keynote Speaker | Non-Profit Executive | People Leader | Female Advocate

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