Fairmont Waterfront

Fairmont Waterfront provides relaxed luxury on the West Coast coupled with a world-class Vancouver experience. This 489 guest room hotel is in an urban retreat with elegant accommodation, state-of-the-art, meeting facilities and breathtaking water views of Vancouver’s harbour, the coastal mountains and the sparkling city skyline. This water-view hotel boasts the best location in the city, nestled on Vancouver’s harbour and directly connected to the onsite Vancouver Convention Centre and Canada Place cruise ship terminal and offers delegates door to door service to the airport via Canada Line (rapid transit). Guests can enjoy a taste of local flavour in ARC, visit the hotel's rooftop garden and honeybee apiary to discover where the restaurant's fresh herbs and honey are sourced from, and then take advantage of the complimentary health club and outdoor heated pool overlooking the harbour. Be sure to try our guided morning runs, visit our roof-top herb garden or set out on foot...
Fairmont Waterfront contact details
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Fairmont Waterfront Management & Employee Directory

donald wingell cfbe
donald wingell cfbe
General Manager, Cinnamon Bentota Beach
deirdre campbell
deirdre campbell
President at Beattie Tartan
ian w
ian w
Director of Sales and Marketing at Hotel Grand Pacific
peter houston
peter houston
Director, Rooms Division at the Claremont Club & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel
rimple sumer
rimple sumer
Human Resources Director at Executive Group Real Estate & Hotels

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