Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools

Chavez Schools is a network of innovative secondary public charter schools that prepares students to succeed in competitive colleges, and empowers them to become the civic leaders of the next generation. We provide a rigorous college preparatory education, a unique public policy program, and a safe and supportive learning environment, including a full continuum of behavioral and academic support services for students with individualized needs. We offer every student their own laptop computer, advanced placement courses, public policy fellowships, advocacy projects, strong athletics programs, and a thesis project, to help ensure their success in college and in life beyond college. With campus locations in the Capitol Hill, Columbia Heights, and Parkside communities of Washington, DC, Chavez Schools currently serves 1,400 students in grades 6-12.
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Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools Management & Employee Directory

christine lai
christine lai
Collaboration Catalyst | Entrepreneur | Life Enthusiast
sam bush-joseph
sam bush-joseph
Director of Sales Development at Class

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