ATR Group

ATR are a solution provider to the Oil & Gas, Marine, Subsea & Renewables industries. By focusing on our clients requirements and identifying our opportunities, we have become recognised as an important and integrated supply chain partner to over 1,200 companies, delivering the rental and sale of high quality plant, tools, lifting equipment and consumables. ATR is the wise choice for your global equipment rentals. With a comprehensive range of equipment available for your lifting, inspection, hand tools & maintenance equipment requirements, ATR's assets and expertise are fundamental and essential parts of any successful project. Our business units focus on delivering cost effective equipment, tooling and lifting solutions to companies "right first time, on time, every time"​, whilst ensuring that Quality, Safety & Technical Integrity is at optimum levels at all times. ATR Divisions: ATR Lifting Solutions (Aberdeen), ATR Lifting Solutions (Great Yarmouth), ATR Casp...
ATR Group contact details
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oil & energy
Aberdeen, GB

ATR Group Management & Employee Directory

marco ricci
marco ricci
Head of Machining & Additive Manufacturing Plant presso Ferrari
roberto fiore
roberto fiore
COO & President APAC at WSAudiology
alberto regini
alberto regini
Operations Director | Expert in plant start-up, supply chain organization, business turn around | BTB Edible Nuts solutions and applications
findlay moir
findlay moir
Director - International Business (UK, Europe & Middle East) at The Men from Marrs (Marr Contracting)

ATR Group Competitors

ACE Winches
oil & energy
oil & energy
Aiken Group Limited
Oil & Energy
PD&MS Group
oil & energy
TRAC Oil & Gas Ltd
oil & energy

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