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BetOptimizer is a UK-based Sports Betting, Sports Spread Betting and Sports Arbitrage Betting Advisory and Management Company created to invest in Sports Betting Opportunities in key markets and creating significant and consistent annual return on investment for investors. We offer investors a 15% fixed interest corporate bond, incorporates a 10% Stop-Loss secured by debenture, runs for 7 years but is redeemable after 1 year on 3 months notice. BetOptimizer is raising capital from Bond Holders to invest in a diverse range of strategies which consistently ‘beat the odds’; the management team and advisors have a near 4 year track record in the Sports Betting field and during this time gained in excess of 200% return on investment and have not had a single month with negative returns. BetOptimizer sets weekly performance goals based on the betting strategies received and before any bets are placed, careful analysis of the following factors take place: teams, players, weather conditions, team/club policies, previous performances. We place bets on the sports that are transparent, popular and have massive capitalization such as football, tennis, and horse racing. We are also investigation Sports Betting Opportunities in other sports including Cricket, Baseball, Ice Hockey and Handball. One key component to the risk diversification system is spread betting, BetOptimizer expects that once our Bond is fully subscribed that we will place between 500 and 5,000 diversified bets on various global sports each month. Once the bond is fully subscribed each betting position for any single event will never exceed more than 1% of the total invested funds BetOptimizer has under management. This restriction ensures that any single bet placed cannot have a materially significant impact on the overall performance of BetOptimizer.

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