The Power Hive: Improving Recruitment with ContactOut

ContactOut is a massive advantage. My advice is do not go out and buy ‘shiny new toys’. You’ve got to go try something as simple and accurate as ContactOut.
Keith Southern
Co-Founder and Partner at The Power Hive

The Power Hive

The Power Hive has branded itself as a “collective of the most forward thinking and experienced recruitment leaders”. That they are. They are a virtual network based in Manchester, United Kingdom. They have achieved a vast network of today’s leaders in recruitment through the use of ContactOut. Their platform is a space to share ideas and develop peer-to-peer learning. Within the Power Hive network, they use ContactOut to be the best they can be in the recruiting industry.


  • Expanding the Power Hive network through sourcing accurate contact information for potential subscribers and supplies
  • The Power Hive using ContactOut as their “go to” scraping tool.
  • A network of 150+ members in the community.


We sat down with Keith Southern who is the Co-Founder and Partner of the Power Hive. Keith has been using ContactOut for roughly 5 years. The first 2 years were with a previous organization and the past three years have been with the Power Hive. As a Co-Founder and Partner, Keith wants to see the Power Hive community grow. The only way to do that is to increase the subscribers and the suppliers. Keith knew when he helped found the Power Hive, that ContactOut was going to be their top tool for scraping contact information for potential subscribers and suppliers.

200 contacts a week breeds about 180 connections. Success is growing 10-12 new members each month. We are on target for next year’s goal of 250+ new members.
Keith Southern
Co-Founder and Partner at The Power Hive
There are 6,000 new recruitment agencies in the UK. Speed is key when trying to keep up with the expanding recruitment industry.
Keith Southern
Co-Founder and Partner at The Power Hive


The Power Hive has always used ContactOut because of its reliability and accessibility. Keith walked us through how his team uses ContactOut. The sales team in particular, relies on ContactOut the most. Their Friday afternoon consists of pulling together the contact information of 200 contacts they hope to connect with the following week. The team connects with these prospects via phone call and email. Because of this, it is incredibly important that the information they receive through ContactOut is accurate to make that connection.
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The Power Hive uses a reverse engineering process. 120 calls in one week should bring in about 3-4 new members per week. The more people we speak to, the more members join.
Keith Southern
Co-Founder and Partner at The Power Hive


Keith and his team have seen great success through using ContactOut, even internally. As mentioned before, they are already on track to meeting next year’s goal of new members. Keith had mentioned a particular time recently where ContactOut was proven to be truly valuable to him and the Power Hive family. He was looking to fill a project management role on his team within a very specific niche. Through an advanced search, Keith retrieved 42 contacts. That led to 7 interviews, 2 offers, and 1 placement. Keith had mapped out his prospects on ContactOut within hours. The speed and accuracy of ContactOut’s Chrome extension led to a placement within 2 weeks.

Speed, accessibility, accuracy. You will hear a lot of recruitment agency owners talk about ratios. What people really care about is accurate information to make a placement and make a deal.
Keith Southern
Co-Founder and Partner at The Power Hive

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