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Mickey Kawick

Technical Director

Tech Leader and coach exploring the depths of Human Potential in the Tech world

Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, United Kingdom

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Mickey Kawick's Work Experience

Deep Silver FISHLABS

Technical Director

February 2015 to Present

Hamburg Area, Germany


Sr Network Engineer | DBA | Analytics | Architect

March 2013 to February 2015

M-GO (startup, temp)

Lead Engineer | REST Architect

September 2012 to March 2013

Mickey Kawick's Education

Simon Fraser University


2007 to 2008

Texas A&M University-Commerce

Mathematics A

2005 to 2006

California State University-Dominguez Hills

French / Psychology

1990 to 1992

About Mickey Kawick's Current Company

Deep Silver FISHLABS

21 years of programming and team leadership has culminated in a move to technical directorship. Working in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, I spend my days helping the team and identifying areas that can be smoothed and optimized. Working closely with HR, production, marketing, and sales, we integrate the needs of the company in...

About Mickey Kawick

đź“– Summary

Engineering director specializing in: * Optimization: networking, memory, and performance optimization... he makes it run fast and lean. * Networking and information security: scalable networking solutions. Develop solutions across platforms and languages. * Concurrency: multi-threading, thread lock, synchronization, and highly scalable systems. * Middleware and integration software: continuous integration, build machines, automated systems. * Algorithm and Software design: deep understanding of design patterns, networking, and low-level systems allows for a large library of design choices and methodologies. * Tools and workflow: UX across multiple platforms designing tools and integration methodologies allowing for smooth workflow, increased productivity, and ideation. He designs tools that make the work easy. * Team motivation: specialized in rescuing teams with poor results and demotivated staff. With a combination of one-on-ones, stand-up meetings, well-defined team direction, coaching team-members toward greatness, and allowing team members to select tasks, a high level of motivation can be built and maintained. Strong believer in the books Creativity, inc and Good to Great. Highly-agile: a strong belief in working directly with the customer has demonstrated repeatedly great results, low-bug counts (very low in most cases), and quick response to design changes. Hailing back to the days of Apple IIc, Atairi 800, C64, and SNES, he has developed games on almost every major platform in the last 25 years. A contributor to open source projects. He plays in jazz groups and is a hiker and Cub Scout leader. He speaks a few languages. He loves math and he's currently working on advanced studies in mathematics. He is a versatile programmer having worked on multiple projects in multiple disciplines. Senior team lead put in charge of fire-fighting teams and required to deliver superior software in short schedules.Technical Director @ 21 years of programming and team leadership has culminated in a move to technical directorship. Working in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, I spend my days helping the team and identifying areas that can be smoothed and optimized. Working closely with HR, production, marketing, and sales, we integrate the needs of the company in a way to keep people excited about their work, motivated to find new solutions, and on track to deliver high-quality games. Having been inspired by great leaders with whom I've worked outside of the games industry, I bring that level of professionalism and expertise to my fantastic new role. Aids in all stages of post-production including during finalizing Creates automated test process for system features including automated smoke tests, defines the automated build and deployment systems, and contributes to the build where possible. Scouts for and evaluates new technology and tools as opportunities for innovation and development excellence. Evaluates interview candidates for technical positions. Evaluates development teams, identifying strengths, problem areas, and developing plans for improving performance. Defines the technological strategy with the development team of each project: pipeline, tools, and key development procedures. Assesses technical risk, technical debt, and mitigation plan. Provides input to the art, marketing, sales, and production on the practicality of initial design goals and impact to the overall project timeline. Supervising 6 teams leads who oversee 40+ programmers. It's a great team. Supports programmers and aids in training, coding practices, coding standards, debugging, tools, migration to C++ 11, etc Technical development: HTML5, MongoDB, C++ 11, Unity3D, Java/Spring, Docker From February 2015 to Present (11 months) Hamburg Area, GermanySr Network Engineer | DBA | Analytics | Architect @ Server network architecture, db design, gateways, performance. Built a server framework from scratch. The architecture is difficult to hack, by design, and never exposes user data. Division of work among processes means added security and load balancing support. Use of advanced server design patterns makes the network instantly recognizable and maintainable. Performance throughput measured (hammered) and performance became exceptional. DLC content delivery system built for in-game content delivery: not external apps here. Unification of multiple-servers into a coherent shared-responsibility and division of labor pattern with super easy configuration. Deployment on multiple platforms including Windows and Linux. Mobile development on iOs, Unity, Android, Vita. Advanced C++ 11 / Vis Studio / gcc / XCode / Objective C / C# + CLI Python, Code::Blocks, Boost, PHP, Javascript/HTML5/CSS3, JQuery.UI, XAMPP, Unity libevent - scalable, low-latency networking MySql - data modeling, table setup, admin, data replication and warehousing security - protected networks, salted keys for login, multiple redundancy, load balancing, dns iOS / Android / Windows (XP / 7 / Server2003) cross-platform development Performance / optimization. Lightning fast networking ( From March 2013 to February 2015 (2 years) Lead Engineer | REST Architect @ Code monkey and problem solver on massively-scalable, high-speed networks. Memory mgmt, performance analysis, and numerous stabilization issues solved. Video playback over different networks using Widevine. Helped coordinate the activities of external vendors/partners. Javascript / HTML5 / CSS3 C++ / Python Unix / Windows7 Other fun libraries include: * Yahoo Widgets * JQuery/animate Networking / systems / performance / UI/UX / animation / graphics Cool hardware: * High-def TVs * PS3 / X360 * Soccer ball and goal for team soccer * Running club * Climbing Personal: massive scaled networking with ZeroMQ, Libevent, and Boost.asio. Testing massive number of client connections. Also, business plans, building engines, consulting in Javascript, audio work, SDL and OpenGL, journal editor, Cub Scouts. From September 2012 to March 2013 (7 months) Sr. Gameplay Engineer | Architect | Network Engineer @ Gameplay and systems programming. Worked on server, DB, UI, and networking. Development of MMOs. Working on Planetside 2. Facilities, Maps/Ownership, Pathing, Rewards, Marketplace, Thrustpads, Trigger Volumes, UI, Packets, Threading, Chat, Guilds/Squads, Combat, Player progression (Xp, Certs, etc). Language: C++, Lua, Javascript/ Html5/ CSS3 Tools development: prototypes, demos, production tools Misc: Oracle, Networking, Serialization, Physics, PostGreSQL LZ4, LZMA, LZW, RLE, other compressions used. Wearer of many hats (brown, tan, black, etc) Dancing and singing in the halls General misbehavior Personal: Advanced Calc and DiffEq, Unity, SDL, Git, Lua, Python, 3D import tools, team building, project mgmt, OpenGL, Shaders, Networking, Space Partitioning, Collision detection From November 2011 to September 2012 (11 months) Greater San Diego AreaSenior Programmer | REST API Architect | DBA @ UX developer with backend support working on new hardware platform doing high-performance graphics, systems, networking, and architecture. Specialty: HTML5, performance, graphics, concurrency, SQL Cloud Computing, UX, Virtualization, Data Storage, systems architecture Language: Javascript, CSS3, PHP, C++11, C# Platforms: Win7, LAMP, ChromeOS, Android DevEnvs: Eclipse, Visual Studio, GCC Graphics: 3D/2D, textures, affine transforms, particle systems, canvas, OpenGL, WebGL, Shaders pixel and vertex (DOF, Gaussian, Radial, linear blur, Vignette, Bloom, Noise, Edge/Hitbox), scene graph Animation, physics, networking, combat, gameplay DBA, Sqlite3, data modeling, REST SVN, Mercurial, Jasmine, PhPUnit, JUnit Certified scrum master, CSS3, JQuery, Architecture and design, security and encryption From July 2010 to November 2011 (1 year 5 months) Systems Architect | Gameplay Engineer | Network Engineer @ MMO development including DB, Networking, Systems, UI, and Chat. - Systems engineering, tools, GUI, networking on project Wildstar - GM tools, cheats, scripted behaviors, communications - Chat, group management (Raids, Parties, etc) - Items, loot, party bag, harvesting - Spell systems, XP, Visual FX - Player classes, crafting, mini-games, unit interaction and activation - Unit lifetime, tagging, AI C++, MFC, LUA, OOP, SQL Server Personal: C#, MySQL, OpenGL, Mono, Lisp, Complex Variables, DiffEq From April 2009 to July 2010 (1 year 4 months) Orange County, California AreaGame Arts Instructor @ Earned two awards in teaching excellence as an instructor at Ai (favorite teacher) Instruction of OOP, C++ Math - Precalculus, Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus Graphics - 2D programming, bitmaps, lighting, alpha, color, stretching, layering, masking. All done in C++. Tools development From July 2009 to June 2010 (1 year) Engineering Lead | Core Tech Lead | Audio Systems @ Products: Pure Football, Academy of Champions (others unshipped) - Tools and pipeline developer - Core systems lead - C++ / templates, C#, Lua, Python, GNU, XCode, VisStudio, Radix. Full dev cycle on several products from requirements capture to maintenance - Multiple platforms developed: Win32, X360, PS3, Wii, Mac. Embedded systems - Core systems, memory, file-system/streaming, optimization - Audio, run-time content editing/replacement, VoIP - Graphics, scene graphs, vertex lighting, dynamic lighting, etc - Helping subordinates with design decisions, architectural review, careers. Reorganizing the code base, developing and maintaining testing standards, coding standards, development standards, process, and utilities. Team mgmt for the Core Tools and Tech team - Created, maintained, and coordinated schedules for different teams. Defined milestones and delivery dates for the team, task assignment, design and implementation, career development, employee recognition, mgmt training, etc. SCRUM mgmt - Math courses studied From April 2007 to January 2009 (1 year 10 months) Vancouver, Canada AreaSr. Software Engineer | Core Tech Lead @ Embedded systems development. Games and simulations on the Nintendo Wii/Revolution. Work with the new controller, memory mgmt, Hio2 communications, system optimization and performance analysis, build engineering, and mentoring. C++ development. C# / ASP.Net programming for Server/Client tools. SQLServer database configuration, programming, integration, backups, and administration. Networking over UDP/TCP used for basic communications and experimentation. Includes HTTP communications and XML-based serializing from XSD. Tech Docs, design docs, GUI design (soggy toast and sticky buns, jk), project scheduling, code reviews, team leader, contributer to newsgroups, WIKI, and article contributions. Review of coworkers and subordinates, scheduling, Agile development, cross-team training. Classes taken in Mathematics. From April 2006 to April 2007 (1 year 1 month) Software Engineer | Systems Integration | Graphics Lead @ Astor program. Team lead and Primary programmer on digital imaging project involving image capture from aerial rovers. DCOM objects developed using Visual C++ for communications, digital imaging layer, target acquisition, rover deployment, satellite link-up, etc. COM Consultant required to solve the thorniest COM related issues involving integration, threading deployment, test, and communications. COM user interface applications and components written as well. Heavy testing of COM objects and remote debugging. COM components included services, projects using connection points, multi-client services, proxy-only objects, threaded data servers, and a wide-variety of others. Simulation included engine work overlaying Moving Targets, Maps, Raster Bitmaps, Tracks, Symbols, Heavy graphics, optimization and performance. From May 2003 to April 2006 (3 years) Consultant - Programmer @ Lead architect and primary programmer on compiler development project. Compiler generates XML code formatted to be processed by another system in XBRL format used in banking systems. Compiler developed in C++. XML generated is compatible with Xquery, Xpath, and XSLT. Use of DomDocument object in creating validated XML. Integration performed with other Visual Basic objects into various ASP pages. Data Modeler in SQL Server and UML building on the business case, use case, and data models in place Stored Procedures, queries, and specialized data massaging performed. Extensive query analysis and remodeling performed. COM+ Component developed to encapsulate parser and integrate with ASP/VB engine. Component uses ADO recordset to validate user input into compiler with acceptable values in SQL Server database. UML/RUP processes put in place and followed. Upgrade version of software developed in C#, .NET, VB .NET.Java classes created for data integration and modeling cross platform support. From February 2003 to May 2003 (4 months) Architect / Sr. Software Engineer / Contract @ .NET Web Services development. Multiple Web Services created using ATL Web Services. SOAP servers created using .NET services integrating with SOAP clients. SQL Server integration to .NET. ASP for user interface / display. N-Tier development. SOAP client unit tests written working with SOAP services. C# Administrative client developed talking to Web Services over SOAP via Proxy. Custom EventHandlers / Delegates for MVC updating all views. Class libraries created exporting delegates and interfaces to WebServices. Components created in toolbox for cross project reuse. RUP process used to develop/design administrative client for C#. Sequence diagrams in Rational Rose. UML class diagrams created for architecture. Multiple test clients and Mock up interfaces written using C# and integrated debugging with DLLs and custom controls. From November 2002 to January 2003 (3 months) Dallas/Fort Worth AreaMember Technical Staff / Architect / Software Engineer @ WinCE / PocketPC Cross platform development with Palm. TCP/IP Sockets communications from WinCE to Windows Applications. HTTP supported. Development of DHCP-like service for host IP info. Device inventory reporting, XML-SOAP packaging of commands, authentication library. Palm Design / Development. Test applications for USB, Many embedded applications. Database Management. HTTP layer for Palm sitting on TCP providing foundation for XML on top. Wide character library written. Advanced file system for Palm written. Conduit to supplant USB communications developed used for preventing installation of unapproved applications. RPC/Sync calls formulated for remote access to databases. Extensive work with SyncCallRemoteModule. Controls over the HotSync process developed. Many traps and patches. Member of Palm Expert Developers Forum. Wireless TCP/IP client written using idle time and asynchronous communications to connect to server periodically as a background process. Graphics, optimization. From February 2002 to November 2002 (10 months) Dallas/Fort Worth AreaSR. Software Engineer / Systems analyst / Contract @ Rearchitecture of sound system. Sound and effects programming including reducing latency, reducing sound memory footprint using various forms of compression (MP3, Indeo, ADPCM, PCM, etc), and combining sounds to allow multiple sounds to play simultaneously dealing with hardware limitations (only 16 voices, no onboard memory, etc). Decompression on the fly and analysis of performance hit vs. file size for each type of decompression. COM rework for bugs with CoUnitialize ().Developed compression/compression routines for textures and sounds. Development use of the Audio Compression Manager (ACM) in the windows SDK. Hardware latency reduction and driver analysis in dealing with sound streaming. Existing sound streaming methodologies had high latency and huge performance problems. Reduced latency to nearly nothing and reduced performance problems by over 90%. Architected the reuse model for conversion to COM. The existing system was written using DLLs with no intention of reuse. From August 2001 to January 2002 (6 months) Software specialist / Lead engineer - Primary embedded systems engineer for Wireless PDA / Web pad. @ Heavy graphics programming. Optimization and performance specialist. Specialized memory management routines designed and developed for Linkup sys L7205 CPU that was 10.02 times faster than normal memory allocation (using the new operator). This code tested against the placement new operator. ARM embedded development including boot code, system drivers, flash ROM burn code, ARM assembler, ARM compiler programming, Green Hills Multi programming, video drivers for TFT panels, UART (16550) driver. Tons of different device-driver development. Drivers developed for mouse, touchscreen, keyboard, sound, and USB (1.1). Realtime Embedded System. Created wireless network protocol for communicating between devices on top of wireless protocol. Guaranteed delivery protocols designed and developed for high-speed serial interface (UART) with Windows operating system where thread latency was a problem. Windows simulation software developed for simulating hardware functionality. From April 2000 to July 2001 (1 year 4 months) Project lead / Sr. Software Engineer / Contract @ Design & redesign of an entire project including scheduling, organization, OOD/OOA, staffing, and organizing a staff of 6 people. Win32 tools and GUI project with a web client deployed using ASP/HTML web pages implementing DCOM components on the web site. N-Tier development. Developed and deployed database engine using MFC for a Windows interface to an ODBC server for the correct editing, verification, maintenance, and modification of the database used to maintain switches. Developed and designed an XML interface on the backend as an interface to a server and ASP for client side maintenance of remote database updates and information processing. ATL/DCOM components designed and developed serving as an interpretive layer between an XML server and ASP-based web server. From August 1999 to April 2000 (9 months) Sr. Software Engineer / Contract @ Tools development. MFC & Builder Win32/GUI tools for various game related tasks. Core technologies group that developed the core animation engine, D3D engine, physics work, Dreamcast development, N64 development, coursework in C++ given to C programmers. Development in engine technologies included model tessellation, spline model tessellation, pathing, AI, and graphics compression. Realtime coding techniques. OpenGL rendering engine designed and developed. Sound and music tools and resource viewer designed, created, and tested. make/nmake tools developed. Developed Bitmap conversion utilities. DSP/DSW manipulation utilities for seamless cross-platform development in Visual C++ in Win32. Lots of MFC, Builder, and Win32 development. Quarter Back Club, Motocross, South Park, and others. From May 1999 to August 1999 (4 months) Austin, Texas AreaNetwork Programmer / Sr. Software Engineer @ Windows interfaces for dealing with routers, fax on IP, voice encoding on IP (VOIP), SNMP communication in VB and sockets, Tons of MFC development, specialty in interfaces. TCP/IP stack manipulation and usage and UDP packet broadcast. Packet wrappers and encapsulation for ADSL, SDSL, and HDSL. Real-time embedded systems including fax-router, voice on IP, and building a bridge. VxWorks / Tornado development with Kernel-level development, drivers, memory management wrappers. Router programmed. TCP Stack purchased and modified. Multithreaded databases using DAO and ODBC. Synchronization, CObject derivatives, BTree/Spanning Tree management, specialized memory management. Java, ASP, and HTML development for remote access updates on our routers. Extensive work in TCP/IP programming for Internet access and device driver development. From September 1998 to May 1999 (9 months) Sr. Software Engineer / Analyst @ Win32 tool development, various types of AI, networking, and graphics. Designed and Developed complete graphics engine, sound engine, and all Pathing routines. Developed complete memory management scheme and large scale file storage. Spearheaded new project for graphics manipulation in fixing problems with tiles and full tile system perfected. Wrote all low level graphics routines, a lot of assembly work, large scale OOA/OOD involving thousands of lines of code and repeated software changes. Socket networking layer created, D3D, DSound, and DDraw. Developed AI tools, Pathing, graphics utilities, 3D animation utility, animation tool, map editor, export file management, Direct3D, special 3D sound created and implemented, Isometric Tile system with height, creature behaviors, networking, playable demo (alpha) in 9 months, 2D animation, special graphics processing, I/O control. Doppelganger, Diakatana From February 1997 to September 1998 (1 year 8 months) Sr. software engineer @ Programmer on Level editor, level generator, cliffs, and assisted on graphics, optimization, and assembly coding. Mainly worked on tools and Age of Empires. From August 1996 to February 1997 (7 months) Software lead @ Lead a small team for a port of Lethal Enforcers to Playstation. Multiple 3D engines created. Broken Helix. Graphics programmer for Playstation and Saturn Scripting language created. Optimization, team leadership, and software design. From May 1995 to August 1996 (1 year 4 months) Greater Chicago AreaMathematics @ Simon Fraser University From 2007 to 2008 Mathematics, A @ Texas A&M University-Commerce From 2005 to 2006 French / Psychology @ California State University-Dominguez Hills From 1990 to 1992 Mickey Kawick is skilled in: C++, C#, Lua, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, Python, Android, HTML5, Canvas, WebGL, Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Audio

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mickey Kawick

What company does Mickey Kawick work for?

Mickey Kawick works for Deep Silver FISHLABS

What is Mickey Kawick's role at Deep Silver FISHLABS?

Mickey Kawick is Technical Director

What is Mickey Kawick's personal email address?

Mickey Kawick's personal email address is m****[email protected]

What is Mickey Kawick's business email address?

Mickey Kawick's business email addresses are not available

What is Mickey Kawick's Phone Number?

Mickey Kawick's phone +44 ** **** *238

What industry does Mickey Kawick work in?

Mickey Kawick works in the Computer Software industry.

Who are Mickey Kawick's colleagues?

Mickey Kawick's colleagues are Ken Go, and Andrés Bernabeu

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Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), Judging (J)

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1 year(s), 1 month(s)

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